Sensible Selling in the New Media Reality with a Niche Sales Site

Sell With A Blog

Don't Plant Your Tree on Property Owned by Someone ElseThe new sales process begins on Google, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, YouTube, and other social media sites. Your web marketing strategy needs a solid foundation (Niche Product Site) that advertising and search marketing efforts can lead to. You can link this “Niche Selling Site” to your Social Media Profiles. You are then planting your “digital assets” on your own property.

Multiple landing pages for the unique solutions your product or service provide is the keystone to effective linking. And, effective linking is the basis of Search Engine Marketing. This is why you need a Blog-Based Website to establish Your “Authority” on your subject.

Don’t spend time and money with campaigns that lead to someone else’s domain (i.e. Facebook). Anchor your marketing with a “Niche Selling Site” (including a Blog) where you can easily create and modify multiple landing pages that are congruent with your advertising and marketing efforts. Then, use Social Media, external sites, or applications to drive traffic to a consistently and well managed Niche Product WebSite.  That Sales Guy can show you how to launch and maintain this new Web Marketing Sales Process.


Discover Everything You Need To Start Your Niche Product WebSite Today(a BlogBased Website)