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Web Marketing Services from Web Wizardry Works

“A man who stops advertising to save money is like a man who stops a clock to save time.” ~Henry Ford

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We will help you generate traffic with Web Marketing Services at a budget you can afford, including Website Maintenance Tasks i.e.: website development, backups, security, and updates. You can rest assured 24/7 that your online presence is being managed regularly and professionally. A listing of many of the tasks we can perform for you can be found here. We can act as a VA (Virtual Assistant) and perform tasks specific to your requests OR We can perform tasks as a consultant with specified goals.

  • Marketing is attracting prospective customers that want what you have …
  • Selling is helping prospective customers get what they need and want …
  • Webarketing™ creates visibility, find-ability, engage-ability, and demand for what you have to offer !

Web Marketing Services - Turn Key SolutionsOur Web Marketing/Managing Services can provide a platform to inform prospective customers about what you provide and a method to engage and help them get what they want and need.

After defining your targeting strategy and marketing goals, we will help you choose keywords, create ad campaigns, and perform tasks to drive traffic and attain visibility for your brand. We will consult regularly to ensure we stay on track with your objectives.

Web Marketing Logos for Web Wizardry Works Marketing PlansActivities we may perform are: create necessary landing pages, perform posting services, manage your ad campaigns, and manage your website or blog on a monthly recurring basis. We can also maintain and co-ordinate your Social Media and Directory listings.

You determine your online marketing/managing budget. A monthly minimum pre-paid retainer fee will be agreed upon, and our consulting or support services will apply against this retainer. Tell us your desired maximum monthly marketing spend and we will work within that guideline towards achieving your desired goals.

We help you drive traffic, increase your brand visibility, and make you more find-able in search. We increase your customer engagement opportunities, and focus on customer attraction.

We do this with a balanced approach toward Internet traffic management. We build upon the 3 primary sources of traffic to well designed landing pages that are created to draw your prospective customers into your sales funnel and move them toward conversion.

Get a personal Webarketer™ today!
Howard Howell provides Webarketing™ Consulting for Web Wizardry Works customers. Click to schedule a meeting and learn more.

This is a limited offering. Schedule your personal planning session to determine if your business qualifies prior to subscribing.

If accepted your monthly pre-paid retainer becomes your minimum monthly marketing spend that recurs on the same date each month for an agreed upon time period.

Adjustments to your maximum monthly marketing spend can be made via phone and email requests for services desired.

Monthly marketing fees are agreed upon during phone meetings to determine your objectives. A minimum good-faith commitment of using our program for at least one year is necessary to achieve meaningful results. For the most effective results, you must also be willing to designate That Sales Guy as your official company representative for administering online marketing from a foundational BlogSite set-up and hosted on Web Wizardry Works. If you do not have a Web Wizardry Works hosted site, we can market your business from one of our Niche Sales Sites. We also create Web Marketing Forms and other Web based properties that direct Web Leads to your business.

You will receive periodic and upon request reports detailing the tasks we have performed for you based upon phone consultations and email requests where YOU determine your goals, requested tasks, priorities, and budget. The most common tasks we may perform are outlined as Webarketing™ Elements These reports will show your current balance due after application of pre-paid retainers. All services are payable in advance and non-refundable. You may also opt to accept any offer we make enabling you to pay for results over a minimum monthly fee based upon agreed upon performance metrics.

After signing up for a Webarketing™ Services Plan…

Please complete our new client questionnaire at this link

Then schedule a phone consult (choose a 60m meeting) with Howard at this link

Consulting and Training Services are provided exclusively by Howard Howell (HowardHowell.com).

Call Howard for more information at 206-909-9994