If you need to transfer large files to us, please use your personal sharefile login or request an account from us if you need one.

All clients will receive 10GB of FREE Storage Space.

User Guide – How to use ShareFile
Click Here to Login to your personal ShareFile Folder

Technical Support (CONSULTING) or Custom Service Request

Technical Support (CONSULTING) consists of providing you with seasoned mentoring advice, helping you through any technical and/or site development issues, teaching you how to do something, or performing various tasks for you.

A few tasks that we can perform for you are outlined on our Web Marketing Page. Other capabilities can be found at the Howard Howell Services tab. We have contracted with Howard Howell, Internet Sales Consultant, to provide his consulting services to Web Wizardry Clients.

Individual service requests will be charged according to our current WebWiz Rates with a $100 minimum per work order. If you are enrolled in our Webarketing™ Services monthly retainer plan, ALL services will receive the agreed upon rate.

You can initiate a support/service order with a $100 deposit (click the “Buy Now” button) and then submit this form with a prioritized numbered list of the tasks you want performed. If you are enrolled in our Webarketing™ Services monthly retainer plan, there is no need to click on the “Buy Now” button. Just submit a “Request For Service” form or email us direct.

We will then calendar the work order, let you know the expected completion date and any estimated charges exceeding the $100 minimum by return email, notify you when completed, and charge your card if there is a balance due. You can call 206-909-9994 for any questions throughout this process. … Thank You.

If you would like us to maintain the software updates and website backups for your Basic Hosting site, we will do so for a month fee of $20. Order at this link: Website Maintenance

Plan B – What to do when something goes wrong?

First…. Call Howard (206) 909-9994 or Sharon (206) 755-3807, direct cell phone. If you cannot reach us, then try the following  …..

If your Website Hosting Service is down? Call our 24/7 Technical Support line (480) 624-2500 and be prepared with your Web Wizardry Account/Customer # and PIN Number. This does not apply to Simple-Basic Hosting Plans. If you are enrolled with our Simple-Basic Hosting Plan, you can call Howard at (206) 909-9994 for assistance.

If you want to login to your Domain or Hosting account, go to WebizTools.com and enter your Web Wizardry Account/Customer # to gain access to your Control Panel.

In case of a natural disaster or medical emergency, and you cannot connect with Howard or Sharon Howell, you may contact Darrin Howell at this link:  http://creativedepths.com/contacts.asp. He is our business and personal emergency contact and is prepared to assist you in case we cannot.