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My name is Howard and I am the resident Web Wizard here to help you get found on the Internet. Let me be your Internet Sales Consultant...

Howard howell

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Praise and Testimonials

“Howard is a great sales training coach, who has helped me create some solid new marketing ideas. He is a tremendous resource for busy and new entrepreneurs. He has provided me with many new ideas and kept me up-to-date with emerging trends in the social media revolution.”

“Howard’s 'Turn Your Passion Into Profits' workshop inspired me to go back to the office and write a one-page sales letter that I’m really happy with.

Howard’s guidance really boosted the effectiveness of my approach and I can’t wait to send this sales letter out or to use its focus in talking to prospective clients.”

Dr. Patricia Nan Anderson

“Everyone Sells.”

"As you build your own road to success you might as well use the experience of those who have traveled the main highway, ruts and all, to get started in the right direction.” Howard has.

Shirley Thom

“Howard, your Shameless Bragging mini workshop yesterday gave me so much value from it I am still buzzing. I already put some of your advice to use several times since and it simply w o r k s. Thanks!”

Eylon Israely

"Not only is Howard a graceful and professional seminar leader, he's also interesting! I stayed engaged throughout Howard's seminar and gained valuable take-aways."

"Howard, thanks for providing some useful tips for including humor in sales. I've always enjoyed hearing humorous stories or jokes but have seldom felt comfortable sharing humor within my own sales. Now I have some useful tools to make that important change. As always, you provide quality and usable information in your programs and I thank you for that."

Martyn L. Daniel

“Thank’s for todays event at the Village in Bellevue. I needed those selling reminders for a presentation tomorrow. The one about a compelling story was the most valuable.”

Jack Fecker

Howard -- great event yesterday! Very spirited! Informative! Motivational! Friendly! Well done!

Marlee Huber

"I had the privilege of seeing Howard again at a Patrick Snow conference at Alderbrook Resort recently. The man is a walking wealth of information and experience. I also appreciate his willingness to boldly share his story, wisdom and expertise with the rest of us. Thank You Howard. You Rock."

Thank you for coming to our BNI group meeting in Kirkland this week. Our Eastside Referral Network group really enjoyed your presentation about the New Media, Social Networking, and "being found".

As small business owners it's important to learn how to integrate technology with our skills level. You made it easy for many of our non-techies to understand and enjoy.

Andrea Hamilton

Howard has shown to be top of the heap in gift-giving and money making information. He has the experience for sure, but more than that he really listens and responds to you uniquely.

Howard gives such REAL, connectable stories and examples...

Dawn Renee Mallory

I just participated in Howard's webinar this morning and loved the format and his upbeat attitude. Howard is a gentleman and genuinely interested in helping others succeed.

Malya Muth

Northwest Vocal Arts

About Web Wizardry Works

Our chief Wizard and primary inspiration for the creation of Web Wizardry Works is Howard Howell, Internet Sales Consultant. 

It could be said: "Wizardry" suggests "Magic".

There really is no magic, just knowledge of things and processes that you don't know yet. Howard has been an entrepreneurial junkie for over 50 years and was an early adopter of the Internet and became intrigued with the capabilities of the World Wide Web and new opportunities for Entrepreneurialism.  Through his passion for technology and application of experienced sales techniques, he has mastered the subtilties of creating a business brand online that can be found by the Search Engines; which  have replaced the old school "Yellow Pages" which previously served small business operators and personal service providers. 

He would like to share this knowledge with you

Whether you are a "do-it-yourselfer", or would like a virtual partner in the process of building your new or existing business online, Howard and his associates are ready to serve you.

To get started for FREE, all you need to do is register as a subscriber of Web Wizardry Works. You will gain access to FREE Training and personal coaching and consulting. Thank You.